Experience the TREECE ADVANTAGE 


The Treece Advantage Training Academy is the area leader in complete athlete development for youth ,high school, college and professional football players. In addition to our speed and strength training, we offer position specific football academies for QB, WR,TE,OL,DL,LB, and DB. Our curriculum is second to none as each session focuses on a particular skill or technique of that position to help the athlete be successful on the field. Additionally, we focus on teaching and motivating our athletes to maximize their potential and push them to excellence. 

Our Amateur Development programs are designed for the dedicated athlete looking to dominate their competition. This program delivers the highest training stimulus and return on investment of time, of all The Treece Advantage programs. Athletes will benefit from 3 or 4 training sessions per week to develop every single aspect of sports performance. The addition of a more in depth nutritional profile gives the athlete a distinct advantage by teaching them how to eat for athletic improvement and maximize recovery between training sessions.  If your athlete wants to take his game to the next level, The Treece Advantage is the answer.