Austin Pope-TE, CAK (Tennessee Signee)

Devin Harper-DB/WR, Karns High School (Oklahoma State University Signee)

Bryson Stephens-DB/RB, Morristown East High School (Army Signee)

Zack Dobson-DB/WR, Fulton High School

Bryson Valentine-OL, Cosby High School 

Gaston Strong-DE, Fulton High School 

Noah Carter-DB/WR, Jefferson County High School 

Jarien Green-OLB/WR, Fulton High School

Calvin Smith-DB, Morristown West High School (Coastal Carolina Signee)

Jonathan Jennings-WR, Cuthbertson High School 

Donovan Keith-DB/WR, Christian County Kentucky High School 

Zach Young-QB, Morristown West High School 

Xavier Malone-QB, Fulton High School 

Drew Powell-OL, Catholic High School 

Korey Styles-DE, Greer High School 

Bryson Garrett-OL, Karns High School 

Miles Slay-DB, Grace Christian Academy 

Ethan Bozeman-WR/DB, Hardin Valley Academy

Matthew Gayle-OLB/DE, Fulton High School 

Gavan Hicks-OL, Fulton High School 

Coryean Davis-DB/WR, Fulton High School 

Zaevion Dobson- LB, Fulton High School 

Joey Smith-DB/WR, Fulton High School 

Greg Clark-RB/OLB, Fulton High School 

Dorian Williamson-DB, Fulton High School 

Kevin Johnson-DB/WR, Fulton High School 

Zach Crawford-DB/WR, Fulton High School 

Xavier Boatwright-DE/TE, Fulton High School 


Chris Treece is a all around person. I am truly blessed to have been able to talk with him over the past couple of seasons about football. especially this last season. As an asst Football coach For Marion High School in Marion Il. I have spend many hours on the phone with Chris as he helped me break down many hours of film. With his help it has made me a better coach. I am looking forward to working with him more through the offseason and season .....
— Ben Absher Asst. Coach Marion High School Marion IL
I would like to thank Chris for the incredible training/coaching. His expertise & ability to connect with me has been very beneficial as well as enjoyable. I always look forward to our invaluable training sessions & appreciate his ideas, suggestions, wisdom & support. He knows what it takes to be successful on the field & off. He shares in attaining my goals, therefore I’m continually growing in all areas of football thanks to Chris.
— Gaston Strong
Chris Treece is an outstanding, enthusiastic trainer and mentor. My son began Chris’ on target training before his appearance in the US Army National Combine 2015 and we attribute a great deal of his success at this event to the invaluable training and preparation he received from Chris along with his commitment to develop, guide and support this 11th grader beyond the limits of his comfort zone. We recognize and respect Chris’ unique insight as well as his respect, passion and love for the game of football. Chris was honest in his assessment and was able to recognize and identify where beneficial changes were needed. We are grateful for the unbiased view, clear vision, spot on evaluation along with tailored training and results oriented coaching to maximize our son’s strengths and potential. Thank you, Chris for the positive direction in which you lead our son and for your dedication to his success on the gridiron and the classroom!
— Kimberly Strong


                 COLLEGE ATHLETES


Curt Maggitt-LB/DE, Tennessee 

Chris Weatherd-OLB, Tennessee 

LaDarrell McNeil-DB, Tennessee 

Herman Lathers-LB, Tennessee 

Riyahd Jones-DB, Tennessee/Georgia Southern

Steven Allen-DB, Chadron State College

Ryan Jenkins-WR, Tennessee/Arizona State 

Lemond Johnson-DB, Tennessee/University of Richmond 

Jalen Reeves-LB, Maybin-Tennessee 

Mike Williams-DB, Tennessee 

Treyvon Paulk-RB, Tennessee/Hutchinson Community College 

Tyler Stokes-DL, Tennessee 

Devin Williams-DB, Tennessee 

Jajuan Hansford-DB, Tennessee 

Rashaan Gaulden-DB, Tennessee 

Devaun Swafford-DB, Tennessee 

Penny Smith-QB, Jacksonville State

KJ Roper-DB, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga 

Lennox Roper-DB, JUCO 2016

Domonique Williams-DB, Colorado State 

Corey Smith-DB, Vermilion Community College 

Adam Diggs-QB, Maryville College 

Hank Black-WR, ETSU

Xavier Hawkins-WR, Oregon State

Darrell Rollins-RB, Arkansas State

Joc Bruce-WR, MTSU